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TLSS works together with QBIST to develop the softer side of Lean Six Sigma. Namely, how to deal with the blocking factors that arise during project implementation and how to integrate Six Sigma as part of a HR strategy. Together, the two companies have developed the Operational Excellence for HR professionals training, which gives HR professionals a new perspective on what LSS can mean when introduced in the HR environment.

Some of the highlights of the cooperation with QBIST include:

- How to measure intangibles
- How to implement upper and (more importantly) lower spec limits for behaviour
- How to deal with blocking factors when implementing a project
- How to get "buy in" for projects
- How to motivate individuals in difficult working environments

HR Sigma

HR Sigma is gespecialiseerd in proces- en resultaatverbetering binnen het domein van Human Resources Management. Meer inzicht in de kwaliteit van uw HR-strategie, uw operationele processen op HR-gebied en het verbeterpotentieel vormt het startpunt voor gericht verbeteren.

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