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Vincent Dolfin
Manager Procesmanagement Nationale-Nederlanden

“TEAM Lean Six Sigma is a dedicated network company dedicated to exploiting and promoting the benefits and tools of the methodology to all who want to listen. The company is led by Adriaan Mulder, a very passionate and seasoned professional to work with. He is an expert in Lean Six Sigma, both for deployment in the organization as well as training and coaching the candidate Belts. He listens very well and is visionairy in his solutions and approach. We executed a succesfull journey in launching LSS in Nationale-Nederlanden. In 2011 we started a training program with Black Belts. Also we executed a personal leadership training in my team and in 2012 we organized an in house Green Belt training as a spinoff of that program. We now work with four Black Belts and up to 15 greenbelts throughout the company. We are still in contact with Team Lean Six Sigma to explore other training initiatives. “Let's go for the results and explore forever after!”

Mark johnson,
Vice-President Philips Oral Healthcare

"In the world of Lean and Six Sigma, I meet very few people who have really evolved their mindset beyond the application of tools to the management system where real leverage is found. Adriaan is one of those few. He certainly has a deep understanding of the tools and their proper application but he can extend far beyond this to realize the strategic benefits of Lean and Six Sigma across an entire enterprise."

Peter van der Vecht
Managing Director at Rodelta Pumps International B.V.

"I worked with Adriaan deploying LSS in a Defence organization (Maintenance of Landsystems). He is very enthousiastic, energetic and full of drive. His knowledge of lean Six Sigma and DMAIC programms is endless. His energy makes people work for him. The people he consults in his network on specific topics are very good. He uses the knowledge of others to reach his goals. I enjoyed working with him"

Ellen Brian
Director Programme Management EMEA DHL Exel Supply Chain

"Adriaan has supported the deployment of Lean Six Sigma at DHL Supply Chain in Europe. He is an expert, experienced and able to transfer his passion for the subject to others. It is a pleasure to work with Adriaan"

KG Ching
General Manager Philips Consumer Electronics Suzhou

"Adriaan has provided the Black Belt/Green Belt training to our management team in Suzhou China. His profound knowledge and approach in Lean/Six Sigma has enabled our management team to gain a very good understanding on the topics very easily and at the same time inspired us. He is very focussed on his goal and he will ensure things are going into the right direction to meet company's objectives."

Aart Schreij
Business Excellence Manager Philips

"I have worked with Adriaan at Philips DAP, assisting him with setting up the Black Belt program.l have learnt some very helpfull ground-rules of business from him and he has given me lots of advise in setting my carreer. He is somebody who gets things done, and at the same time gives you the confidence and time to learn and develop. It was a pleasure working with Adriaan, and I hope that our professional paths will cross in the future"

Merik te Grotenhuis
Business Owner CG Selecties

"TEAM Lean Six Sigma heeft op zeer pragmatische wijze een op-maat Lean Six Sigma benadering gevonden om de opbrengsten te vergroten en de organisatie te professionaliseren. De bevlogenheid en energieke wijze waarop de materie werd behandeld en de project begeleiding gaandeweg het project hebben gezorgd dat verrassende oplossingen zijn gevonden. Ik beveel TEAM Lean Six Sigma van harte aan als u echt resultaat wil behalen. Merik te Grotenhuis Directeur/Eigenaar CG Selecties (Top 100 FD Gazellen 2009 & winnaar 2009 Meest veelbelovende ondernemingWest-Friesland)"

Geoff Gibbons
Principal Consultant PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Adriaan Mulder is simply one of the most interesting people and most skilful facilitators I have ever worked with."