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Main Effect
A measure of the effect of an individual factor removing the effect from all other factors.
Management by fact/data
This is a term applied to many six sigma type projects. It focuses attention on only those facts/data that can be used as strong evidence. Other information which is less quantitative or unproven is generally discounted. This method is used most effectively in projects with too much data and a history of differing but unproven opinions. The facts are used to help project team members and sponsors to be more objective in analyzing problems, agreeing conclusions and developing solutions.
Master Black Belt (MBB)
Responsible for the long-range technical vision of Lean Six Sigma, for training and mentoring Black Belts and Green Belts. Provides technical advice and coaching to the Project Sponsor and Deployment Champion.
The mean or average, denoted by X-bar, is computed by summing all the data values in the population and dividing by the number of items. It is a measure of central tendency for the items in the population.
Mean Square (MS)
The Mean Square is the Sum of Squares / Degrees of Freedom. (See Regression or ANOVA).
A dimension such as size, quantity, duration, volume, or frequency.
Measurement System
A system that is used to measure a CTQ or CtC. All measurement systems should have an acceptable Gage R & R.
Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
A method to separate the variation introduced by the measurement system from the actual variation using control charts for interpretation. The measurement error is insignificant when the control chart is OUT of control. Other MSE terms include rational subgrouping, repeatability, reproducibility, discrimination, stability, and bias.
A measure of central tendency. It is the value that splits the data into two equal groups of each 50%, one with values greater than or equal to the median and one with values that are less than or equal to the median.
MGP ( Multi-Generational Plan)
A planned introduction phasing for product and process launch. MGP allows the team to phase in more risky features and functionality.
MINITAB is a leading statistical analysis package. It has the capability to conduct most different types of statistical analysis required on (Lean) Six Sigma projects and facilitates the gathering, the processing, and the display of data.
Mixed Effects Model
Contains elements of both the fixed and random effects models.
A measure of location, defined as the most frequently occurring data value. The mode is not used very often in statistical procedures.
Moment of truth
The point in time when it is possible to delight and/or dismay a customer. For instance, a moment in truth for a customer trying to order a product is whether they can get though to a call centre by telephone and whether the customer service representative can take their order efficiently and effectively. Moment of truth analysis is used to help project teams to identify when and where there are opportunities to delight or dismay customers in a process.
Monte Carlo Simulation
A simulation technique whereby outputs are calculated based on randomly selected input levels which vary based on each inputs representative distribution.
Measurement System Analysis, also know as gage R&R, used to determine the reliability of the data.
Mean time between customer calls; the average time between successive phone calls from customers regarding product or service complaints / questions.
Mean time between failures; the average time between successive failures of a product or process.
Is een Japans woord, betekenis: voorkom verspilling. Is een onderdeel van de 3MUs, wat weer een onderdeel is van Kaizen.
Multi voting
An analytical technique that allows project team members to prioritize the importance of different items or clusters of items by using multiple votes. Each team member can allocate their votes to different factors based on their opinion. This is a good method for gaining team support for project conclusions quickly.
Is een Japans woord, betekenis: controleer afwijkingen. Is een onderdeel van de 3MUs wat weer een onderdeel is van Kaizen.
Is een Japans woord, betekenis: beheers inspanning. Is een onderdeel van de 3MUs wat weer een onderdeel is van Kaizen.