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Y is often described as the dependent variable that is impacted by the X variable(s). It is generally used to show the output of a process / activity and its dependence on input factors. It is commonly represented in equations as a function of the X variables e.g. Y=f(X). A Y axis is one of two axes used to map relationships between variables in a graph or chart.
Y = f(x)
A statistical statement of what causes an effect; an effect (Y) is a function of a cause (x).
Y metriek
De Latijnse letter Y wordt binnen de statistiek vaak gebruikt om de te verklaren metriek of variabele, de te verbeteren KPI, of de concrete output van een proces aan te geven. Binnen Six Sigma wordt deze relevante procesmetriek CTQ genoemd, de Critical to Quality metriek.
Yellow Belt
Project team members on a DMAIC project. Contributes to continuous improvement under the guidance of a Black Belt or Green Belt for the duration of a project.
Yield is the proportion of a process / units that have zero defects. It is measured in percentage terms (e.g. 98.7%). In transactional Lean Six Sigma, Yield can sometimes be defined as the percentage of commitments met successfully out of the total number of opportunities.
Those variables that are the dependent outputs of a process; effects